AWS re:Invent 2021 - Day 2: Top Announcements

AWS re:Invent 2021 - Day 2: Top Announcements


Konstantinos Bessas

Let’s take a look at the top announcements from Day 2 of re:Invent 2021, always with some extra notes on why they made it to the list. Many of the announcements come from the keynote by AWS CEO Adam Selipsky. Overall a different vibe in this keynote, but that is to be expected after all these years of having Andy Jassy on stage.

In terms of announcements, potentially there were a bit less than other years. But there were some really great ones. Please keep reading for the top ones from my perspective.


Amazon MSK Serverless

Amazon MSK became generally available in 2019. Great service for having a managed Kafka solution in AWS with one drawback: no (easy) scalability. It is possible to scale out Amazon MSK but impossible to scale back in, without replacing the whole cluster. Automatic scalability comes only in the form of automatic storage provisioning.

With the serverless release of Amazon MSK, AWS makes the promise of automatic scalability of resources without having to manage anything. The great promise of serverless takes Amazon MSK, a great product, and (hopefully) makes it perfect. We will have to see if it really works as advertised or whether the are any caveats that we need to know about. Keep you posted on this one within our Benchmark Series in the Sentia Tech Blog.

Please see here for the official announcement by AWS on the public preview release as well as below for a quick introduction video of the new service by AWS.

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Data Residency Guardrails in AWS Control Tower

As discussed in the Day 1: Top Announcements article, any update to Control Tower is a big thing.

In this update, Control Tower can now enforce guardrails that control in which AWS regions infrastructure can be created and data can be stored. This has been a hot topic when dicussing with customers setting up and configuring their Landing Zone on AWS. It is now possible to control certain aspects of infrastructure placement, but also control and restrict AWS services that can leak data outside of a specific region. Think of CloudFront, S3 data replication, etc. The above and more are possible using a combination of preventive and detective guardrails.

Please see here for a complete article by AWS on the release as well as below for a quick introduction video of the new service by AWS.

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I would like to make an honorable mention to a few new services and capabilities within existing services, that will make a great impact for users but just didn’t make the top of the list. For this purpose I will split them into 3 topics

  1. Major releases - New services
  1. Storage
  1. Serverless
  • Amazon EMR Serverless
  • Amazon Redshift Serverless
  • Amazon Kinesis Serverless


These are only a few cherry picked announcements from the second day of re:Invent 2021. For a complete list of all announcements check the following pages.
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